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Anand Raj, (at 2:03AM Tuesday 3rd of July 2007, GMT)
I agree with you Safia with respect to these challenges that people face in their day to day life. But will it be appropriate to put them under the Racism bucket. Lot of these challenges are related to normal human conditions. Putting them under the Racism bucket (or Branding) has a much wider impact on the next generations. Generally, the first generation folks fight these challenges as normal hurdles and get their dreams realized. But if somehow a feeling is developed that because we are so and so and that there is no way in the world we should be doing such and such in this country ? then this thought puts a wall around our possibilities and comes in our way of realizing our full potential. Not accepting these challenges as racism keeps us FREE and then we deal with them as they come.

I called these challenges as normal human conditions because people like certain type of people around them. Even in a small family, let us say someone wants to start a new business and wants to select the team to run it from within the family. Most of the time, people will like to bring the folks to the team who they feel most comfortable with ? let us assume that the head of the family selected 2 persons out of 6 to run the business. We don?t call these actions racism within a family but the other persons who were left out of the business may very well feel that way. In this analogy, the family could be a big organization like IBM, Microsoft or a country for that matter.

So I agree with you that these challenges exists and will remain as long as the human being continue to exist ? so let us deal with them and also put them in appropriate bucket so that our next generations do not limit themselves and open up for the possibilities that exists irrespective of any of these challenges. Putting them in the racism bucket in my mind is dangerous for the next generations.