AIS Clean Amroha

Cleanliness is next to Godliness
स्वच्छता, भक्ति से भी बढ़कर है
- John Wesley -

Clean Amroha Launch
(Distribution of Dust Bins)

"Clean Amroha " program today ( 8 January) was a great success. Cleaning route was through the main road starting at Tehseel and finished at Ronaq Vartiqa. " Cleanest Mohalla "shield for this year was given to Mohalla Katkui
Dr Afsar Parvez,Chairman.Amroha Nagar Palika (Council) in the middle of the photograph launched the "Clean Amroha" project in July,2013.Dustbins were distributed around Amroha.
Mohalla Katkui was judged the cleanest Mohalla this year and the Captain was given the winning shield.

Clean Amroha Day

Clean Amroha Day on 7 January 2018 went very well. The parade left Tehseel at 10 am. It went to Ronaq Veryiqa via Bare Darbar. Announcements on loudspeaker about cleaning Amroha was done.
"Clean Amroha " program on 8 January,2017 was a great success. Cleaning route was through the main road starting at Tehseel and finished at Ronaq Vartiqa.
The “Clean Amroha Day ” on 7 January, 2016 went very well. Chairman, Amroha Nagarpalika Dr Afsar Pervez took the lead in cleaning of roads. We provided gloves and rubbish bags. It was fun to be present. Everybody took part enthusiastically.The Cleanest Mohalla ( suburb) award was given to NOGAZA. Congratulation to the Captain and his team.
Story of the “Clean Amroha Day ” on 7 January in a Hindi newspaper.
Left to right with filled rubbish bag. Afzal Ali, Dr Afsar Parvez, Ikram Naqvi,Naim Naqvi and Gaurav Sagar
Dr Afsar Parvez (Chairman, Amroha Nagarpalika) joined the AIS volunteers in its first "Clean Amroha Day" on 20 October, 2014. AIS intends to organise it every year.
Left to right in the photo are Sardar Surender Singh (Chairman, AIS Amroha Committee), Afzal Ali (Chairman, Clean Amroha subcommittee) and Dr Afser Pervez (Chairman, Amroha Nagar Palika (Council)).

Cleanest Mohalla (suburb)

Mohalla Bare bazaar was judged to be the cleanest Mohalla. Sardar Surender Singh, chairman AIS Committee gave the winning shield to Sri Jain. Afzal Ali, chairman of the Clean Amroha Committee are in the middle of the photo.
Cleanest Mohalla ( suburb) for 2016 was Katkui. The winning shield was given by Sardar Surender Singh, Chairman,to the Captain, Azam Khan
Mohalla ( suburb) Nogaza was judged the cleanest Mohalla for 2015. Dr Afsar Pavez, Chairman Nagar Palika ( council) gave the shield to the captain of Nogaza.
A committee chaired by Afzal Ali consisting of captains of Mohalla (suburb) lead campaigns to clean their Mohalla. First cleanest Mohalla (Niyaziyan)received a shield on 20 October,2014. Holding the shield in the photograph are Dr Afsar Parvez,Chairman Amroha Nagar Palika and Afzal Ali,Chairman, Clean Amroha Committee.On the left is Ikram Naqvi,Coordinator, AIS.

AIS Drawing Competition

Drawing competitions have been held in schools in Amroha, which encourages children to demonstrate their creative skills and also raises public awareness of the importance of keeping their environment clean.