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safia Khan asked 14 years ago

First generation immigrants often say that they are raising their children by teaching them the “good values of the east and the west”. What are these ‘good’values’? How successfull are they in this endeavour?

Ikram Naqvi replied 14 years ago

Raising children in western countries by first generation people like me is a balancing act.Some of the Amroha values that I would like my children
to follow are importance of family and respect of elders.We have to be a role model for them.For this reason we need to practice what we preach.

Ikram Naqvi replied 14 years ago

Some of the western values that I admire are honesty,sincerity,cleanliness and discipline.

Ikram Naqvi replied 14 years ago

Things I dislike about Amroha culture are lack of discipline, lies and lack of appreciation of time.

safia Khan replied 14 years ago

We as Amrohis have numerous undesirable characteristics, just to give a few examples:
Unnecessary malicious slandering (bad naami kerna),procastination or defer action or postpone till tomorrow what can be done today (multavi kerna),and complaining (shakaayat kerna).I cannot translate the meaning of “burra maana” but this is
a difficult one to deal with since we all seem to be so very sensative. Having lived here I find it difficult to come to terms with these cultural habits.Thus I am a total misfit back home??

Ikram Naqvi replied 14 years ago

I agree with your thoughts.
We regret for ever.

safia Khan replied 14 years ago

Visiting Amroha is a wonderfull experience.We are greeted with love and given much love.One can never forget the generosity, the hospitality and the complete selflessness.One leaves with a feeling of being wanted.One regrets that loved ones are left behind as we head for the airport in Delhi not knowing when the next meeting will be.

Shariq Hasan replied 14 years ago

I can identify with most of the comments in this section. Visiting Amroha is fun and painful. Fun is meeting reltives and friends.They are very genorous and will do any thing to please you. But one can get very frustrated by the lack of electricity or phone not working and lack of discipline about time.

Nargis Siddiqui replied 13 years ago

Thing I like most about our culture is very high importance of family. Thing I hate most is lack of honesty.

Ram Chand replied 13 years ago

we need to be mindful that values change with time and according to the community we are in. We should not be afraid to change. Culture is not monolithic. It evolves.

Shariq Hasan replied 13 years ago

We should try to preseve our good values by teaching them in words and actions.I agree that we have to change with time.