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safia Khan asked 14 years ago

This topic is extremely important.I am surprised that more people have not contrbuted because it must affect all of us.Keeping our Amroha values and adopting to western culture has been a big challenge for me.How are you coping?

safia Khan replied 14 years ago

As the’next’ generation raised in the west, what do you feel is the role of and the significance of going ‘home’in your personal development?

Kamal Naqvi replied 14 years ago

As I note in a later discussion, I think going to India/Amroha is critically important to placing the ‘learned’ culture in contact. It allowed me to work out when a certain culture should be more dominant than another. I dont think you have to apply a particular cultural approach to all situations and going there and seeing how my peers reacted to similar situations as faced in the west – e.g. group dynamics amongst a similar age group or the fun created out of meeting at large events, be it a wedding or religious – was a very important part of my personal development.

Ram Chand replied 14 years ago

I believe that this applies to me.Raising childen in west is not easy as the dominant culture is so different to ours.But I beleive that culture is evolving thing.So we need to ove with time.

Tanvir Ali replied 14 years ago

I tend to agree with Kamal.Going t Amroha was also very omportant in my personal development. What challeges did you face while in Amroha?

waseem Siddiqui replied 14 years ago

I can identify with many things mentioned by early contributors. Extremely important topic.I would be interested to views of others.

waseem Ahmad replied 14 years ago

I can share other’s views. Love to know more personal stories.

Nargis Siddiqui replied 14 years ago

I can idenify with this topic. Unfortunately I have not visited Amroha yet.But I am looking forward to it as I have heared so many stories.
Love to hear from people who have personal experience like Kamal

Love this Discussion readng various contributions.

Ram Chand replied 14 years ago

Keeping our good values and adopting good western values has been a challenge for me with mixed success. What about you?

waseem Ahmad replied 14 years ago

Agree with Ram totally. Not easy to keep this balance.