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Ikram Naqvi asked 14 years ago

Please tell us about yourself.Any intersting thing happened this week.

Ikram Naqvi replied 14 years ago

After completing my High School from I.M.Inter College in Amroha in 1955 and BSc from the Aligarh Muslim University in 1959 I went to Australia to study geology in 1960.After completing couple of degrees I immigrated to Canada to undertake a Masters degree in geology.
I got involved in charity work as a volunteer in 1970 because of a cyclone in Bangladesh.
I returned to Australia in 1971 to work as an engineering geologist.
I continued my charity work as a volunteer till 1987 when I was invited to take a job as CEO of a major charity.
My charity worked continued till 2001 when I retired to undertake the AIS project which had been my dream.

Shariq Hasan replied 14 years ago

My grandfather left Amroha for Allahabad long time ago.I have never been to Amroha.This website has renewed my interest in Amroha and brought me closer.
I am married to a non-Amroha person.We have three children.
I intend to take my family to Amroha.
Keep up the good work.I would like to participate in charity work.
I urge other Amrohivis to tell us about their stories.