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Ikram Naqvi asked 14 years ago

Forgot to mention masaal chai in bholwas(earthen cups)

Ikram Naqvi replied 14 years ago

How could one forget eating the following:

Urad khichri with aslee ghee and mooli kaa achar on palangs in the sun in winter
Bairee roti with rabri, qeema and aalo bhurtaa.
or Baisnee roti with aam (mangoes)


Shaljam gosht

Ikram Naqvi replied 14 years ago

It should be Masaalaa chai

Syeda Masood replied 14 years ago

That is true. The Amroha cuisine is so unique and so delicious. Nothing beats it and we want it where ever we go.

safia Khan replied 14 years ago

Childhood memories of Aam (Mangoes) with Baisnee roti, eaten in Amroha on a char paii with my cousins are precious.

Ikram Naqvi replied 14 years ago

Just feel like eating masalaa khichri cooked in earthen pot with aslee ghee, aam kaa achar and dahi(yoghurt) on a charpai today.
What would like eating today?

Ikram Naqvi replied 14 years ago


Shariq Hasan replied 14 years ago

Reading about typical Amroha dishes brought back many happy memories.What can beat shaljam gosht?

Shariq Hasan replied 14 years ago

Amroha food has many special memories for me.But eating urad ki khichri with asli ghee and mooli kaa achaar on charpai in dhoop in winter brings back many happy memories

safia Khan replied 14 years ago

Looking for an authentic Amroha recipe for ‘shulgem ghost.’ Is there anyone who can help me.

Maryam Jahan replied 14 years ago

Unfortunately I do not have authentic Amroha “Shaljam gosht ” recepie. I cook shaljam with spinach using Madhu Dixit’s recepie for palak (spinach)gosht.

safia Khan replied 14 years ago

So who has an authentic Shuljum-ghost recipe?
We desparately need it now after Suhail’s Story on ‘THE AIS Website”

Nargis Siddiqui replied 14 years ago

I also would like to know authentic recepie of shaljam gosht.

waseem Siddiqui replied 14 years ago

Can somebody provide recepie for Bairi roti? I have very happy memories of eating bairi roti with rabri, aaloo bhurta,qeema and seekh kababs.

Shariq Hasan replied 13 years ago

Have not eaten bajrai ki roti with urad daal for a long time. I can remember as a young boy going to our village with my father and eating this. Has anybody got a recepie?

Maryam Jahan replied 13 years ago

I asked for shaljam gosht recepie some time ago.
Unfortunately nobody has responded yet. I would be grateful if somebody does it soon. Cant beat shaljam gosht of Amroha.

Shariq Hasan replied 9 years ago

I also would like to know recepie for shaljam gosht. Use to love baisni roti and aam.
Why dont you produce a list of typical Amroha recepies? I am sure that it will be much appreciated.

Nargis Siddiqui replied 9 years ago

Feel like eating shaljam gosht.

Ikram Naqvi replied 9 years ago

Feel like eating Shaljam gosht.

Shariq Hasan replied 9 years ago

Your wish for shaljam gosht brought happy memories of eating baisni roti with aam. Uf do I miss it eating it in Amroha?

Ikram Naqvi replied 8 years ago

Recipes of few typical Amroha dishes:
1.Shaljam Gosht:
Mix with 1/2 kg lamb meat, cut shaljam with small quatity of cut Palak (spinach),1tsp turmeric,3 cut green chillies,1tbsp garlic paste,1/2 tsp salt and 1 cup water. Cook on medium heat till meat is soft. Fry in 2tbsp oil till oil gravy is slightly thick
2. Karhi:
Cook 1 cup yoghurt and 1/2 cup baisin,1/4 tsp salt,1tsp garlic and 1cup water till half mixture left.
Now cook phulkiya by mixing 1cup baisin,1/2 tbsp. powder chilly,1cup water and 1/4 tsp salt.Fry small proportion of this paste in oil till phulkiya becomes slightly brown.
Put these phulkiyan in above paste.
Brown 1 onion in 2 tbsp. oil. Add cut baigan and 3 tomato,1/2 tsp salt,1tsp chillies powder, turmeric,1tbsp garlic paste and 1/2 cup water. Cook on slow heat till half left.

Tanvir Ali replied 8 years ago

Thanks for putting typical Amroha dishes. I have enjoyed cooking them.

Nargis Siddiqui replied 8 years ago

Thanks for putting Amroha dishes on the website. I enjoyed cooking them. It brought back old memories.

Shariq Hasan replied 8 years ago

I agree with Nargis that i enjoyed cooking typical Amroha dishes that you have put. Brought back happy memories of my childhood in Amroha.

Tanvir Ali replied 8 years ago

Have been enjoying Baisni roti with Aam. I feel like I am in Amroha whenever I do this.Brings back memories of going to the garden and picking mangos from the tree in that heat.

Maryam Jahan replied 7 years ago

Have just returned from Amroha.Eating mangos with Baisni roti was the highlight although it was very hot.

Tanvir Ali replied 7 years ago

Nothing can beat eating mangos with Baisni roti on palang in Amroha. I envy Maryam for eating this in Amroha recently. Looking forward to experience this soon.

Maryam Jahan replied 7 years ago

While I am enjoying Chonsa mango from Pakistan in London at present it is not as tasty as those from Amroha which I enjoyed last year in Amroha.