New Book on Sadequain

New Publication by SADEQUAIN Foundation
The book Exquisite and Profound, can be described as amorous, romantic, seductive, sensual, lewd, obscene, steamy, and a host of other sensations.

This book by SADEQUAIN Foundation titled Drawings – Exquise et Profonde by SADEQUAIN consists of a series of titillating drawings accompanied by equally tantalizing quatrains that Sadequain did strictly for private consumption.

These private drawings were never meant to be publicized because of their sensitive subject matter. If this was not true then Sadequain would have published them himself as he published about a dozen books based on his work in his lifetime. But these drawings and quatrains were published after Sadequain passed away by an outsider without permission of Sadequain or his family.

Because these drawings were already publicized, therefore SADEQUAIN Foundation decided to publish them under its label so they will become part of the official record.

It is hoped that this book will be helpful in analyzing the imagery in Sadequain’s drawings and establishing the links to appropriate cultural context. Its empirical research and textual contents are balanced to address the sensitivities that attempt to compare and contrast arbitrary and loaded concepts.

NOTE: SADEQUAIN Foundation does not draw any financial gains from its endeavors

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