High achievers old

As part of it’s tenth anniversary celebrations, AIS takes note of some of Amroha’s lesser known brightest and most inspiring stars
Dr Zafar Nafees
He has recently joined psychiatry department of Harvard University.
Dr Shahab Akhter
Dr Shahab Akhter has been appointed as the new chief of the division of surgery at University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health and UW Hospital and Clinics, effective 3 September 2013. Dr Akhter is son of Syed Naqi Akhter and Razia Sultana of Chicago.

Professor Huzoor Khan
Professor Huzoor Khan of Mohalla Danishmandan is first person from Amroha to hold the prestigious position of the President of the Indian Mathematical Society of India. He has been Chairman of the Mathematics Department of the Aligarh Muslim University. Professor Huzoor Khan has also recently been appointed to the Academic Council of the Jaunpur University,India and the Academic Council of Utter Pradesh.
Dr Zebun Nisa Khan
Dr Zebun Nisa Khan of Amroha, wife of Professor Huzoor Khan, is the first female Senior Assistant Professor in the Education Department of the Aligarh Muslim University.

Dr Masood Ahmad
Dr Masood Ahmad received the K.K. Menon award for his outstanding research in fisheries.
Madeeha Siddiqui
Madeeha Siddiqui, daughter of Shaji and Isna Siddiqui of California was accepted in the “Letter & Sciences” department at the University of California at Berkeley. Of the 68,000 undergraduate applicants, she was one of the 14,000 (21%) that were accepted.
Raza Askari
Raza Askari, son of Razi Askari of Mohalla Katkui created history by attaining 95.6% in CBS High School Board.
Dr Naseem Naqvi
Dr Naseem Naqvi, wife of Dr Jafar Naqvi of Karachi, has the honor to be the first woman Ph.D. in Amroha. She obtained her Ph.D. from the Leeds University in the UK in the 1950s.
Kamal Zehra Naqvi
Kamal Zehra Naqvi, of Mohalla Katkui, wife of Arif Raza Naqvi, is probably the first woman to obtain an MSc in Amroha. She received scholarship for her BSc and MSc degrees. She completed her masters from the Lucknow University in 1960. She also did a Masters in Library Science from the Karachi University.
Ghadeer Naqvi
Ghadeer Naqvi, daughter of Syedain Raza and Naim Zehra (Anjum) Naqvi, graduated from the University of Karachi in 1998 and completed a few certificate courses from the Aga Khan University. Her first book on education as a teaching guide was published by the Oxford University Press in 2009. Since then she has published 10 text books. She is married to Mushtaq Ali and lives in Dallas. She gives credit of her success to her mother Anjum who she says is an “excellent mother”.
Anjum Zehra
Anjum Zehra is a lecturer in Karachi University, Microbiology Department. She has recently completed her Ph.D. from the University of South Australia.
Syed Mohd Rizwan Naqvi
Syed Mohd Rizwan Naqvi has invented a "Foot Pump" model that can pump the water in quantity equal of Submersible Pump without Diesel or Electricity. It operates like a paddle of Tailors Sewing Machine. At present he is working as Associate Professor at ILLMT Noida.
Ikhlas Khan
Ikhlas Khan was recently awarded a D.litt (Honoris Causa) by the Hamdard University. The International Conference on Science of Botanical (ICSB) also recognised Ikhlas Khan for scientific achievement in Natural products and herbal medicine. More details are on their website www.ocfordicsb.org.
Mohd Sibtain Naqvi
Mohd Sibtain Naqvi was recently elected to the International Association of Table Tennis representing Pakistan.
Shabnam Naqvi
Shabnam Naqvi was awarded the Government of Canada's 2012 Ontario, Region, Deputy Minister's award of Excellence in both Gold and Silver on 14 June 2012. Shabanam said ”Helping people every day who need it most is a reward in itself.”
Dr Ali Jafar
Dr Ali Jafar, son of Ibne Jafar Naqvi of Mohalla Katra, is among other things a renowned artist. He presented a portrait to Rajev Gandhi (at the time the Prime Minister) when he was 14 years old. His portrait of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was used for Azad's recent poetry book launched by Mrs Patil, former President of India. He also did an excellent portrait of Mother Teresa.
Abbas Khan
Abbas,son of Huzoor and Zaibun Khan of Mohalla Danishmandan completed his Bachelor of Dentistry from the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) with 8 gold medals including the one for being the first nationally top male student of the AMU.
Arssalan Naqvi
Arssalan Naqvi,son of Dr Akhter Taqvi and Syeda graduated from Ali-Murtaza school with the highest marks in mathematics in Sindh.
Pervez Naqvi
Pervez,son of Salman Naqvi of Mohalla Katkoi completed his MBA from the Wharton School of Management of the Pennsylvania University. Family is going to Amroha for well earned rest and taste yummy mangos
Dr. S Masood Ahmad
Dr. S Masood Ahmad has been appointed Director of National Geophysical Research Institute. He was awarded the National Geoscience Award in 2009. He received the award from the Vice President of India Hon. M. Hamid Ansari. Dr. S Masood Ahmad got the award for his work in the field of Environmental Studies.
Sidra Naqvi
Sidra Naqvi,daughter of Ali Goher and Mehmooda Naqvi became one of three top students in Grade 10.in Houston.She is the projected Valediction for the 2013 graduating class of J. Frank Dobie High School for this year. She will also be the Commencement Speaker at her graduation, an honour given to the best speaker at the school. Her plans are to go to University of Texas Austin and plans to undergrad in Business.
Some other outstanding achievers
Mushtaq Husain”viqarul mulk (key contributor to the formation of the Aligarh Muslin University among many outstanding contributions), Rais Amrohvi,(scholar),Jaun Elia (poet), Kamal Amrohi,(film producer), Syed Sadequain Ahmed Naqvi. (artist),Eqbal Mehdi(Artist),Zaiba Amrohi (artist),Dr.Syed Aziz Jamal Naqvi (Heart surgeon), Dr.Syed Ali Jafar Naqvi(kidney specialist),Dr. Tausiful Hasan Naqvi(geophysicist), Dr Mehmood Naqvi(geologist),,,Dr Zafar Nafees(Psychiatrist), Dr Qamar Ali Abbasi (Psychiatrist),Shaheed Sqdn Ldr Intezam Naqvi(Indian hero),Frahan Naqvi(first Amroha MBA from the Harvard University),Dr Zainab Khan(first Amroha PhD in dentistry from the Harvard University)  Vishnu Sahai(first ICS of Amroha,Governor of Asam&Nagalnad), Bhagwan Sahai(brother of Vishnu,also ICS),Anand Raj( IT,have won many awards in USA),Jagdish Saran Gupta( JSC Hidu College named after him),Babu Baghvat Sahai(lawyer) and Dr Krishan Kishore Goel( Received Rotary Roatary Distinguished Service award and Foundation Meritorious Award). Late Sardar Gurcharan Singh was a successful businessman and great social worker. His brother Sardar Surender Singh is also a very successful businessman and great social worker. He is chairman of the AIS Amroha Committee. Rev.Zahur UL Haqq(first Indian Presiding Elder of the Methodist Episcopal Church in India),Dr C.L Donald(Honoured by Rotary Club for his contribution to Polio programme),Rev. Diamond Donald(Counsellor and mission consultant in Banglore), Dr David Donald( Academic with BSc, B. Ed and Ph.D. in Economics).