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safia Khan, (at 5:07PM Wednesday 21st of November 2007, GMT)

Maryam I beg to agree and disagree.I seem to recall that my grandmother who by all descriptions was the matriarch of the family ran the complete show in her house but her technique was of interest. She did not verbalise her intentions loudly but very subtly, What she said was the rule. (she was not economically independent she relied on her husbands earnings, which he gave to her every month.) My grandfather was a very strong minded man with a very volatile mercurial temperament but my grandmother was the decision maker. Ofcourse there are varying degrees of “power’ a womwn has had. But change is occurring. It is up to us how to ‘weild’that power. I would suggest ‘subtly’ unlike our sisters in the west. I do not want their kind of power. Womens issues encompases numerous issues ‘male dominance’is a non issue. The reason that perhaps there are not too many wemen discussants may be because they do not use the computer often or a lack of time, interest or complete apathy. Let me as a women ask you this question; what challenges have you faced while living in the west (I am assuming that you do) and how have you dealt with them? Looking forward to your response.