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safia Khan, (at 11:30PM Saturday 30th of June 2007, GMT)

I agree with you Kamal.I as a next generation ‘hybrid’ feel very comfortable with my persona. I am thankfull to my parents who with their hopes of a more comfortable life and spirit of adventure left home,relatives and friends to make a home in a culturally and relgiously different land. They appeared not to be daunted with the unknown. But they did not foresee the challenges of raising a family in this difficult environment where they did make a comfortable home and attempted to raise three children. I feel I got the best of both worlds and as a result am very comfortable in both the western environment and the ‘home’ environment.My education is rich in science,literature and culture of the west and rich,perhaps not as deeply, with the culture of my home.I really enjoy the music of the Beatles,Jethro Tull and Shirley Bassey ( yes I am that old). I enjoy the spiritual fullfillment I get from a qawaali and sufi music of Turkey. I love Shakespeare,Keats and Barnard Shaw as I do Ghalib,Iqbal and Jon Elia.I am fairly fluent in both English and Urdu.I am very comfortable in the company of my academic colleagues and in a meelad,majlis or a ghazal evening with Ghulam Ali. However this does not apply to the ‘next to next generation’ which I am raising.Inspite of my efforts they lean more towards the western culture. That is to be expected. There is a slow dilution of culture,language and values as each generation comes into being. After all Dada Shahvilayat spoke Persian and Arabic and his children spoke Urdu. How many in Amroha speak or understand these languages? In fact, sad to say even the Urdu language and adab is slowly being eroded away in Amroha as we all try to emulate the west.I am sure that my children will be reading meelads and mursea in the English language. So you win some and lose some!If I can instill the feeling of ‘Pride in their roots ‘I have achieved much.It is a challenge and I am prepared. There are different profiles of the next generation some of us are integrating more quickly then others that is to be expected.Finally I am happy with my persona and very proud of where I have come from.I wish the best for all’next generation’ children and hope they feel the same pride.