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Kamal Naqvi, (at 10:17AM Monday 11th of June 2007, GMT)

The “next” generation tag is a heavy one. For a start, although clearly you do face a wide array of cultural choices when living in the “west”, the “first” generation tend to remember how their culture was when they left, rather than how it is now. A visit to any big city in India highlights the degree of “westernisation” that is occurring without any geographical disclocation. Meanwhile, Indian food, fashion and movies are having an ever-wider impact in the “west”. This should be no surprise. “Culture” is dynamic and technology is ensuring that these changes are occuring quicker and wider than ever.

For me, the great advantage of being the “next” generation in the “west” is choice. The ability of each individual to choose, relatively unencumbered, from a long menu of cultural thoughts, activities and expectations. Of course, this means that there will occasionally be confusion, conflict and challenges. However, this is a good thing as your choices are tested. After all, life is meant to be a journey and in the end you have the potential to achieve a diverse, active, and unique lifestyle that is a mix of what YOU consider to be the best cultural attributes that you have experienced.