Comments of AIS members on new website…

My DiscussionComments of AIS members on new website…
admin Staff asked 6 years ago

Jill Muire of Tasmania wrote “ That is good to know that not one cent is spent on administration because the Naqvi family absorbs the cost. Thanks for informing me about the eye camp on 23 April as one often wonders wherethe money actually is used”
Mnazar Naqvi of London wrote ” Pleased to know eye camp progress and other on going projects. May Allah give you sawab for all this good work. I will do my best to support your projects. Good luck and keep up the good work”.

admin Staff replied 6 years ago

Delighted to receive numerous positive comments about the new website by members. Following are an example.Thanks to all those who have given positive responses to the AIS new and exciting website. Following is a small sample.
Askari Naqvi, Houston., 19 September”New website is very informative and impressive.You are doing fantastic work with AIS. May you get the strength to do it for a long time.
“Jane Naqvi, Hobart,17 September”A very impressive website. Congratulations to all involved in putting it together.”
“Manzar Naqvi, London,22 September”Most impressed by the new website,very informative and pleasant to look at”

waseem Siddiqui replied 6 years ago

I am most impressed by the quality of new website. Well done

Nargis Siddiqui replied 6 years ago

I agree with Waseem Siddiqui that new website is brilliant. It is easy to navigate and contains just about every things that the AIS has done its inception in 2003. You are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up please.

Maryam Jahan replied 6 years ago

Most impressed by the new website. It records work done by the AIS since its inception in 2003. Great record that you should be proud of.

Shariq Hasan replied 6 years ago

I endorse complimentary remarks about the website. Excellent job. Please convey my appreciation to all those who made it happen.

Ram Chand replied 6 years ago

Love this new website. Very pleasant to look and easy to navigate.