What challenges have you faced in bringing up the next generation?

My DiscussionWhat challenges have you faced in bringing up the next generation?
Ikram Naqvi asked 14 years ago

Have you faced challenges in keeping our culture in the Western world? There are some important values that we cherish and would like our children to preserve.

At the same time, we want our children not to follow bad aspects of our culture.

In my own three children I am pleased to say that they learnt Urdu and are able to communicate with their relatives in India.

I have tried to teach them that being a good Muslim the most important thing is to be a good person, kind and gentle to others.

safia Khan replied 14 years ago

As a first generation Amrohvi raised in the west I have been faced with numerous challenges while raising my children. The most important of which has been the teaching of “izzat” or respect,particularly respect for ones elders.This has not been an easy task but required concerted effort, since as a family we did not visit “home” often.When one raises a family in almost complete isolation without the inflences of the extended family or of people with similar backgrounds one has to address these types of values knowing that your children are also influenced by there surroundings and the media ( television). Perhaps anyone who has felt this challenge could respond with their experiences.

Kamal Naqvi replied 14 years ago

I was lucky that we visited India every 3-4 years and that managed to give us some reality about the culture we learned when growing up in Tasmania, Australia – about as isolated as you could get at that time. This was extremely important. For my own kids, we are lucky to be able to visit India every year from London, plus our extended family in London is almost more ‘Amroha-like’ than the present-day Amroha is! I am sure that much bigger challenges will be faced as they get older (currently only 5 and 3) but I am happy if by that time they are in a good position to make their own choices and, hopefully, that I will be able to accept that.

Nargis Siddiqui replied 14 years ago

I can relate most issues mentioned by others. Going to Amroha is highly desireable. I hope t do hat very soon.In the mean time AIS website provides excellent background.