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Ikram Naqvi asked 12 years ago

Have you ever thought why we have come to this earth?
Do we have a task to do?
Is it karma?
Why were we born in a particular family with a certain religion and country?
Why some people are so poor?
Why some people are so unlucky while others so lucky?
What makes us happy?
Why top religeous people are males yet half of world’s population is female?
Why people kill each other in the name of religion when all religions tell you to love each other.
Dont we have hell and heaven on earth?
I invite your comments.

waseem Ahmad replied 12 years ago

Very intersting subject. I myself have thought about these questions.There appears to be a path marked out for us. Things often happen to us that we have no control on or have planned.
Love to hear from others as I dont have any firm views.

Tanvir Ali replied 12 years ago

Very interesting subject. I have thought about it a lot recently. It appears hat our destiny is written as we often finish up doing things that we had no control or planned for it.I know that we cant ever prove but we can pontificate.