Memories of Amroha

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safia Khan asked 14 years ago

I have special childhood memories of the few weeks spent in Amroha. A few examples are,going from the station to my Mohalla in a tanga; all the dukaans particularly the ‘pan waala’ and the ‘meethai waala’on the way;going to the aam bagh with my chacha and cousins;drinking’hot’tea and dunking papay into the tea (yum);pumping water in to a baalti for a wash!But I do know that now there is running water and electricity in my Mohalla. One of these I will revisit home.

Ikram Naqvi replied 14 years ago

Going to our mango garden for picnic always brings back happy memories.

safia Khan replied 14 years ago

Memories of Eid spent with my cousins are still fresh. Waking in the morning, washing with cold water, dressing in a brand new’jora’ and going to say adab to my dadi, phopi, chachi and family. The best was receiving the Eiddy money and going to the Mela to buy meethai, peacock feathers and clay dolls. The pathang that I was never able to fly but my younger brother got it over the roof tops!Ah what delightfull days!

waseem Ahmad replied 14 years ago

I can remember fondly getting Eidi from my relatives in Amroha. I cant forget drinking lassi in Baboo’s restaurant or eating freshly cooked seekh kababs standing on the road.

Nargis Siddiqui replied 9 years ago

I visited Amroha recently after many years.It has changed a lot during this time.Population has exploded. Sanitation is much worst. But people are still very fiendly. I look forward to go back there soon.

Ram Chand replied 9 years ago

Have just returned from Amroha. Was happy to be there but it was very hot. Saw the dust bins put by the AIS.Education will be key to the success of “Clean Amroha” project.Good luck.

Nargis Siddiqui replied 8 years ago

Just returned from India. It was good to see dust bins put by the Amroha International Society.Keep up your good work.

Maryam Jahan replied 6 years ago

Enjoyed my recent stay in Amroha but i was disappointed by the scooter ricksha,dirt,congestion,traffic jams and increase in dirt.Amroha has become very noisy place now.