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Shariq Hasan asked 7 years ago

Loved photos of the Drawing competition on the Face Book.
What a good idea to teach children about keeping Amroha clean.

waseem Ahmad asked 8 years ago

Glad to know that the AIS organized a very successful Drawing competition on 8 August.I saw photos of first prize winners on the AIS Facebook sight. Most impressive job.

Shariq Hasan replied 8 years ago

Loved photos of this excellent project. Teaching children is the best way. Well done children.

Maryam Jahan replied 6 years ago

When is next computer course? I know few students who did the course.They are very happy.It has enabled them to gain employment.

Maryam Jahan replied 6 years ago

I like the idea of Drawing competition because it teaches young people the value of cleaning neighbourhood.