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Ram Chand asked 8 years ago

I have recently returned from Amroha and saw few rubbish bins put by the AIS.
Also saw some AIS volunteers cleaning their mohalla.
Amroha could do a lot more of this.
I heard that the AIS is planning to introduce a cup for the cleanest mohalla every year.? What a good idea.

Maryam Jahan replied 7 years ago

I too have just returned from India. I was told that the AIS has appointed Captains of 19 mohalla and the AIS is going to give a cup to the cleanest mohalla for 2014. I was impressed by the effort of these captains and their teams in cleaning their mohalla.

Tanvir Ali replied 7 years ago

Love your “Clean Amroha”program. There is no doubt that cleaner Amroha will result in less deceases.

Ram Chand replied 6 years ago

Fantastic news about the Clean Amroha Day on 7 January. Keep up your good work.

Nargis Siddiqui replied 6 years ago

Delighted to know about second Clean Amroha Day on 7 January. It will be a tough task to clean Amroha but I admire your effort and feel confident that you will be successful.

Maryam Jahan replied 6 years ago

I feel so proud to be part of this organisation doing such fantastic work. May God bless you.

Shariq Hasan replied 6 years ago

Congratulations to mohalla Nogaza for being the cleanest mohalla in 2015. Love this clean Amroha project. There is no doubt that clean Amroha will reduce debases.

waseem Siddiqui replied 5 years ago

Pleased to know that you have a 2016 Plan for cleaning Amroha. There is no doubt that more clean will mean less illness which affects poor people more.

Nargis Siddiqui replied 5 years ago

Great to know about your cleaning program for 2016. Keep up your good work. It is a very big task but you will succcedd.