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waseem Siddiqui asked 14 years ago

I was delighted to read about the progress on the cataracts camps and education scholarships that Mr Naqvi made in his recent visit to Amroha.I am sure that we would like to be kept informed and be part of this most worthy work.

Shariq Hasan replied 14 years ago

Delighted to know about the progress on charity work as reported in the Newsletter.

Ram Chand replied 14 years ago

Good to read about our charity work in Amroha.

Eye operations are very important as we have no facility in Amroha at present.

Maryam Jahan replied 14 years ago

Very good to know about AIS charity work in Amroha.I was particularly happy to read about the cataracts camps.

waseem Ahmad replied 14 years ago

Very pleased to know about the AIS charity work in Amroha. We ought to do some thing about sanitation. Those naalees need thorough cleaning. Lots of deseases will disappear with with better cleaning.

waseem Ahmad replied 13 years ago

I found the photos of the eye camp in Amroha on 30April very touching.