AIS Projects


It is the intention of AIS to provide a mechanism by which charitable (educational/health) activities can be funded, implemented and monitored.

1. Educational Activities
Amroha has an average literacy rate of 44% lower then the national average of 59.9%. The females have a lower literacy rate then men – source

Scholarships for Underprivileged Students 

AIS intends to help these students by providing scholarships for education beyond high school and intermediate colleges. We are delighted that in May of 2006 we were able to initiate our scholarship program for the students of Amroha who intend to enroll in higher education programs.

The criteria used to select the students are the following:
1. The monthly income of the family of the recipients should be not more then Rs 10,000.00
2. The students scores should be 60% or above.
3. The student is able to provide evidence of enrolment in a three to four year program.
All members of the Amroha community are invited to donate funds towards sponsoring a student. Each sponsor can make an annual donation of 250.00 U.S. dollars, 300.00 AU dollars, 130.00 Pound Sterling, or 10,000.00 Indian rupees

2. Health Related Activities 

Cataract Camps
AIS has made arrangements with the Venu Hospital in New Delhi to undertake cataract camps in Amroha. Their doctors will travel to Amroha. The patients will be screened and those requiring treatment and are ready for the operation will be taken in Venu hospital buses to their hospital in New Delhi. Following surgery they will be returned to Amroha. 

B. “Clean Amroha” Program
We believe that many of the health problems in Amroha are due to lack of decent sanitation. The open drains (naalis) which are often blocked with trash are health hazards. We are having conversations and seeking advice from the ADM Amroha and the Rotary Club with respect to this program. It is the intention of AIS to begin a program of “CLEAN AMROHA” in the near future. 


AIS hopes to improve contact and communication amongst those with origins in Amroha, living outside the Indian sub-continent. 
We are creating a directory of residents who have made their homes in cities outside of Amroha. Communities of Amrohovis are known to live in Dubai, Paris, London, Oxford, New York, the State of New Jersey, Houston, Toronto, Mississauga (Canada) and Melbourne. 
The directory will allow interaction amongst our group. To facilitate interaction we are publishing a quarterly newsletter of information received by us from various cities. Where possible we will publish news of family achievements, births and weddings. For information and contributions please contact the co-ordinator.


AIS will highlight role models and develop an international network to assist and advise younger members of the community. AIS will contribute to this website articles on Amrohvis whose successes could be used as incentives and models for our younger Amrohvis. Thus, our international network would encourage and advise our new generation of Amrohvis.