AIS Mission

The main purposes of this secular society is to: 

i) Improve contact and communication amongst those with origins in Amroha, living outside the Indian sub-continent; 

ii) Highlight role models and develop an international network to assist and advise younger members of the community; and 

iii) Provide a mechanism by which charitable (educational / health) activities can be funded, carried out and monitored. 

We have begun to make some tentative first towards these objectives: 

a) Newsletter – We shall maintain a regular update on the activities and state of development of AIS. Over time, the newsletter shall include profiles of “high achievers” in our community,, any recent special achievements or awards, as well as “social” information (births, deaths, marriages, functions, etc). This newsletter shall be sent by email or available on website. 

b) Website – Where we will host information about Amroha, a detailed, dynamic membership directory (see below) and details about funding and activities undertaken by AIS. There is considerable scope for development but some of the ideas currently including include chat rooms, publicising and broadcasting of major functions, job and/or financial opportunities, mentoring advice and photo albums. 

c) Membership Directory – Membership of AIS will be free and available to all. We will build a directory of member profiles that includes contact details (email, postal address and phone/fax numbers); a digital photo (where possible); plus a brief biography (Mohalla, family details, education, achievements, etc). This information shall be accessible on the website.

d) Charitable Activities – we have begun to build a network that will fund, co-ordinate and monitor charitable activities in Amroha. This shall concentrate initially on education and health for needy people in Amroha. These people can be of any religion as AIS will be a broad-based and focussed on Amroha as a whole, rather than any specific religious denomination. 

We have made a start but there is much to be done. We need your support, ideas and suggestions so that we can develop a society that at least meets, if not exceeds, our current vision. 
Please reply to us by email to: 

( with your comments on our starting plan and any ideas on how you believe it should develop in the future. Also, please include your name, contact details and short biography in our membership directory. 

Any society is only as strong as its membership and I am confident that together we can build a strong, secular, inclusive, non-political and active society that can produce great results both for Amroha”s poor and for the community living in this global village. We look forward to you playing your part. 

Best regards, 
Ikram Naqvi