The Amroha International Society is a secular, apolitical, not-for-profit organisation formed in 2003.

The primary role is a charitable one, focussing on health and education for the needy in Amroha with a secondary role of improving contact and communication amongst those with origins in Amroha but living outside the Indian sub-continent,

AIS conducts a range of charitable activities such as eye camps and educational scholarships as well as social projects, such as “Clean Amroha”. For more details on these, please see other sections of this site.

AIS also hosts this website which includes details on charitable activities, members, famous Amrohvis, AIS newsletters and important events/successes of Amrohvis around the world. This site is intended as a conduit for contact and communication for Amrohvis living around the world.

We welcome new and existing members to be involved. Please contact us at theamrohainternationalsociety@gmail.com

Any society is only as strong as its members and I am confident that together we can strengthen AIS as an inclusive and active society that continues to produce great results both for Amroha’s needy and for the Amrohvi community living in this global village.

Best Regards,
Ikram(Ike) Naqvi,JP;OAM

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